Biographical Sketch of Radford M. Neal

Born: 1956


BSc, University of Calgary, 1974-1977.

MSc, University of Calgary, 1977-1980, Advised by David Hill, thesis.

PhD, University of Toronto, 1989-1994, Advised by Geoffrey Hinton, thesis.

Academic work experience:

Teaching assistant, University of Calgary, Dept. of Computing Science, 1977-1979, and University of Toronto, Dept. of Computer Science, 1989.

Part-time sessional instructor, University of Calgary, Dept. of Computing Science, various times 1979-1988.

Professor, University of Toronto, Dept. of Statistical Sciences (also Dept. of Computer Science), 1995-2016. Thereafter Emeritus Professor.

Software engineering experience:

I worked as a software engineer at various times from 1980 to 1989, in support of academic research projects (involving programming language implementation, distributed computing, and computer graphics), and on industrial projects (eg, data acquisition, production accounting, and audio signal processing).

Statistical consulting:

I have done statistical consulting work since 1990 on topics such as analysis of mass spectrometry data, analysis of biomedical data, and inference for sources of atmospheric contamination.

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