CSC 260: Introduction to Scientific, Symbolic, and Graphical Computation (Spring 1999)

Instructor: Radford M. Neal, SS 6016A, (416) 978-4970,

Office hours: Tuesdays 2-3, Wednesdays 4-5. Office hours will continue until the final exam.

Final exam: calculators are allowed, but no books or notes.

Book: The recommended (but not required) text is An Introduction to Scientific, Symbolic, and Graphical Computation, by Eugene Fiume. Here are some corrections to the book.

Maple: The course will use the Maple V programming language, on the CDF computers. Here are some notes on getting started with Maple.

Here are the term and final exam marks.

Various handouts:

Course outline : Postscript, PDF.
Assignment 1 : Postscript, PDF.
Solutions to second mini-test : Postscript, PDF.
Assignment 2 : Postscript, PDF.
Solution to (most of) assignment 2 : Postscript, PDF.
Assignment 3 : Postscript, PDF, plus the circspline, intrect, and bisection procedures.
Solution to assignment 3 : Postscript, PDF.

Lecture notes:

Here are the lecture notes for this year. Paper copies of these will be distributed in lectures, at cost. They are here for reference as well, in both Postscript and PDF formats.

Week1 : Postcript, PDF : Introduction
Week2 : Postcript, PDF : Representations of numbers, round-off error
Week3 : Postcript, PDF : Approximation of functions using Taylor polynomials
Week4 : Postcript, PDF : Representation of curves and surfaces
Week5 : Postcript, PDF : Rendering lines and curves
Week6 : Postcript, PDF : Solving differential equations
Week7 : Postcript, PDF : Interpolation with polynomials, splines
Week8 : Postcript, PDF : Finding zeros of functions
Week9 : Postcript, PDF : Integration of one-dimensional functions
Week10 : Postcript, PDF : Building functions from sine waves
Week11 : Postcript, PDF : Filtering signals and images

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