Github Facilities

Starting with the Version of 2012-02-11, the source code repository for this software is hosted by Github, and is located at This repository includes the annotated log of changes made since the Version of 2006-02-08.

You can use the facilities at Github to obtain the source-code repository, report bugs, and contribute to the wiki.

Obtaining the source repository, and modifying it

To obtain a copy of the source-code repository, issue the following command (in a Unix/Linux/Cygwin environment that has git installed):

git clone git://
This will retrieve the current state of the software, storing it in the directory LDPC-codes, which you should ensure does not exist before issuing this command above.

Note that if all you want to do is compile and use the current version, you can instead download the source without development history as described in the installation instructions.

The LDPC-codes directory created by the git clone command is a git repository, which can be manipulated with the various forms of the git command, which are documented, for example, here.

Each stable version of the software is a separate branch of the repository. The documentation on the most recent stable version is in the "gh-pages" branch. The current development version is on the "master" branch. The are other branches for each stable version that was released.

You can make local changes to your copy of the repository, and use the modified software. If you wish, you can ask me ( to include your changes in a new release, or, if you register as a Github user, you can set up your own fork of the software for you and other people to use.

Reporting Bugs

You can use the Github "Issues" facility to report bugs in the software. You have to register as a Github user to do this (which is free). You can then go here and click on "New issue" to report a bug. You can also use this facility to suggest new features or other revisions. I may not have time to implement them, but perhaps someone else will.
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