STA 3000 - Advanced Theory of Statistics (2nd Half, Jan - Apr 2014)

You can now pick up your last assignments.

Instructor for 2nd half: Radford Neal, Phone: (416) 978-4970, Email:

Office hours: Thursdays, 2:15pm to 3:25pm, in SS 6026A.


Mondays, 11:10am to 2:00am, and Fridays, 12:10pm to 1:00pm, SS2128
Last class is Friday, April 4. No lectures during Reading Week (Feb. 17 to 21).

Evaluation for 2nd half:

Four individual assignments: 16% each
One 50-minute test: 10% (held in class Feb. 7)
One 110-minute test: 26% (held in class Mar. 31)


Assignment 1: handout. Note: it's now due Feb. 14.
Assignment 2: handout.
Assignment 3: handout.
Assignment 4: handout.

Study Questions:

Study set 1
Study set 2

Notes and Examples:

One-way random effects model: data and output, plots.